De-Mystifying Team Coaching

That’s what the Team Coaching Global Alliance is designed to do.

This 39 hour Continuing Coach Education (CCE) program brings the new ICF Team Coaching Competencies to life in a practical and experiential training pathway.

CCE Approved for 36 Hours


Intentionally target your coaching skills to sharpen team performance.


Delivered fully online so you can learn team coaching from ANYWHERE

39 Hours CCE

A start-to-finish training aligned with the ICF Team Coaching Competencies

Developed and Delivered by Subject Matter Experts

The Team Coaching Global Alliance training program was developed by coaches who were singled out by the International Coaching Federation as leaders in the art and science of team coaching.

Karl Van Hoey

Karl Van Hoey, MCC

  • 25+ years experience
  • ICF Coach Assessor
  • Mentor Coach
  • Author and Speaker

Antwerp, Flemish Region, Belgium

Katerina Kanelidou

Katerina Kanelidou, MCC

  • 25 years experience
  • Leader, ICF Community of Practice on Team and Group Coaching
  • Mentor Coach
  • Coach Trainer

Athens, Greece

Jonathan Reitz, MCC

  • 23 years experience
  • Director of Training at an ICF ACTP
  • Mentor Coach
  • WBECS Speaker

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

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Your Team Coaching Will NEVER Be The Same.

Learn an innovative approach to team coaching based on the newly released ICF Team Coaching Competencies. AND learn from members of the Team that the ICF tapped to help develop those competencies!

Whether your team is in a corporation, a not-for-profit/NGO, or even a family business, this training will equip you to develop the capacity of the people you coach!